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Вакансия technology group leader (paint shop)

Индустрия Производство
Занятость Полная

Описание объявления


  • Organization service of means of production;
  • Implementing and executing of 5S, TPS, TPM, Kaizen, ISO/TS 16949, safety and other normative requirements and standards;
  • Development Standard operation Sheet, rules for each work places and equipment;
  • Organization and audit of compliance production technology. Participation and preparation modernization of production;
  • Selection and approval of equipment, tools, materials;
  • Analysis of the causes of defects and the development of action plans. Design of plans for the development Painting shop;
  • Predictive and preventive process analysis, implementation of continuous improvement;
  • Development, training and coaching staff (including check skills);
  • Analyze production data and management;
  • Participation in recruitment of staff;
  • Coordination and management according Russian legislation knowledge and experience about health and safety and labor code;
  • Following manufacturing standards of Haval.

Preparation period positioning: Responsible for the construction of skills training area, cleaning bidding, bid evaluation, contract signing, cleaning implement process management, cooperate with the Chinese engineering center staff to carry out the equipment and process debugging, assist the production team leader to complete the transformation of WES, to assist HOD to complete the training course development and training of new employees.


  • Higher chemical or technical education;
  • Major in: Chemical engineering and process Mechanical and electrical integration;
  • Intermediate level of English;
  • 3 years experience in the automobile plant (Painting shop), know very well the technology all Painting Shop, process and standards of quality control of products and processes, understand the reasons main problems and ways for their solving, organization service of means of production, proficient in the automobile production management systems and the matters need attention, expertly solve the problems in production according rules Production System and Quality System, experience of staff training and development instructions, management personnel not less than 10 people.
  • Familiar with the working principle of PT-ED system, drying system, air conditioning system, paint supply system, proficient of parameters of these system how to affect product characteristics, familiar with laboratory analyses, equipment and tools. Labor code, safety rules, 5S, 5why, TPM, Kaizen, JIT, TPS, ISO./TS16949
  • Extra requirement: Team-minded, communicative, proactive, stress resistant, good analytical skills, identifying best practices. Experience in start-up production will be a plus.


  • Salary is discussed with successful candidates
  • Participation in startup of SUV manufacturing plant in Novomoskovsk, Tula region
  • Employment in accordance with RF labor law;
  • Social package;
  • Opportunities for career development;
  • Relocation compensation.

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